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The Pulse Atlas: An Illustrative Guide to Pulse Diagnosis

by Yushin (Greg) Cicciu
ISBN 978-0-615-54051-1 Copyright @ 2011

Greg Cicciu's book is intended to give the reader a brief 'topography and geography' of the pulse. In the preface the author promises a future book on the dynamics. I am not a master of the pulse by any means and was grateful that the information in this little book is so easy to digest.

In Chapter 2 'Receiving the Pulse' there is a brief paragraph relating an aspect of the pulse to tension in the body. Just this small nugget has given me an idea I can start exploring when feeling pulses.

There is a thorough overview of pulse positions from the standard Zang/Fu approach. The

author further elucidates an analysis which relates to the Six Levels and describes the relation of the pulse to the 'Musculofascia' meridians implying that this system can correlate pain down to the muscular level. He describes a Three Level system relating to Qi, Blood, Organ function, emotions and bones. There is a very brief description of a 'Five Level' analysis which is reading the body from the skin to the bones.

I was left wishing there were more examples of clinical findings relating to the different ways to interpret the pulse, yet grateful for the simplicity. This little book filled its intent nicely and left me interested in reading further on the dynamics when that book comes out.

Ellen Teeter, AP is the current President of FSOMA and is in private practice in Bradenton, FL.

THE PULSE ATLAS is a modern, comprehensive guide to Traditional Chinese pulse diagnosis. This book is filled with concise descriptions and three-dimensional images for all levels of acupuncturist students and senior acupuncturists.

Mastering the pulse is a long journey. It involves dedication and a significant time commitment. Workshops and books on the subject can only be road-maps and fingers pointing to the moon leading us along the path. Greg Cicciu’s The Pulse Atlas is a wonderful addition to our glove compartment for the journey.
Donn Hayes, Senior Acupuncturist, Partner/Owner OHCO

The Pulse Atlas is a concise and clear introduction to the art of pulse diagnosis.With his apparent knowledge and experience in Chinese Medicine and pulse diagnosis, Greg has simplified a very subjective and invaluable skill. This guide to pulses is a necessary part of any TCM student library.
Danielle Yorgy, RN, BSN and TCM Student


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