Community Acupuncture Littleton

NOW AT REASONS ( Littleton office only  303-933-8777) 


Across the US, acupuncture clinics have adopted a Community Acupuncture reduced fee model. In addition to our private acupuncture sessions, we are also now offering community open-room treatments.

Here’s how it works:

The most common and effective acupuncture points are accessible on the arms, legs, and head. You can just wear loose fitting clothes or shorts, and receive an extremely effective treatment! Kick back in a comfy chair and relax. You may have the room to yourself, or you may be there with another person or two. Either way, we can reduce the price of treatments, and you can get the same great effect.

Many clients have voiced that they would like to do more acupuncture but simply don’t have the time or money. This quicker, more affordable option is our way of getting you to take better care of yourself!

Come try out the new treatment room, and receive your first treatment FREE! (now through February 9th)

Private room treatments are still available, as well as cupping, herbal consultations, massage, moxabustion, and auricular therapy.

Remember, acupuncture can treat almost anything you have going on from head to toe! Headaches, Aches & Pains, Arthritis, Digestive issues, Plantar Fasciitas, Sciatica, Stress, Asthma, Ear and Sinus infections, Hot Flashes, and so much more!! Come see for yourself. 

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