Community Acupuncture Littleton

NOW AT REASONS ( Littleton office only  303-933-8777)  $35-$45 ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS Across the US, acupuncture clinics have adopted a Community Acupuncture reduced fee model. In addition to our private acupuncture sessions, we are also now offering community open-room treatments. Here’s how it works: The most common and effective acupuncture points are Read More

Acupuncture and Kids

Kids are as active or more than many adults.  Acupuncture treatments for kids can effectively enhance there moods, athletic abilities and more.  Here is a great article on kids and some of the acupuncture treatments with or without the use of needles.  

PMS and Acupuncture

PMS has been relieved with acupuncture for thousands of years.  Chinese medicine has utilize a holistic approach to improve women’s health issues. A women’s body goes through many hormonal changes.  These changes can leave a woman with PMS symptom ranging from cramps to severe emotional swings.  Effective acupuncture treatments can alleviate many if Read More

Learn Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction My wife Kimball and I are providing a 6 week workshop on Mindfulness Based Stress reduction beginning Jan. 9, 2017. Follow the link to sign up and get more information!

This is a friends pig.

She had trouble with her last delivery and was left with a slight dis-functional left rear leg.