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Eagle Catches Fish: Pulse Diagnosis Made Simple!

Is a comprehensive illustrative guide to Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.  The book is filled with many detailed images to empower the reader regarding pulse diagnosis.

The Pulse Atlas is out of Print!

“Mastering the pulse is a long journey. It involves dedication and a significant time commitment. Workshops and books on the subject can only be road-maps and fingers pointing to the moon leading us along the path. Greg Cicciu’s The Pulse Atlas is a wonderful addition to our glove compartment for the journey.”
— Donn Hayes, Senior Acupuncturist, Partner/Owner OHCO

“The Pulse Atlas is a concise and clear introduction to the art of pulse diagnosis.With his apparent knowledge and experience in Chinese Medicine and pulse diagnosis, Greg has simplified a very subjective and invaluable skill. This guide to pulses is a necessary part of any TCM student library.”
— Danielle Yorgy, RN, BSN and TCM Student

Posters are 24inches X 36inches

Regular Prices $59.00 each, Now. $44.25

Poster Choices

Pulse Practice Tool:

This tool consists of three plates.  Under the black strips on each plate are the unique Pulse Qualities as described in the classics. This is a great tool to cultivate the awareness of the subtleties for students of Chinese Medicine.

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